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We think they'll last longer and make more traffic from making bed, They were cut wider than any another cover we tested and stitched in place with a heavier thread.
The duvet ties were as well better constructed.
The cover is always impeccably constructed and held up top-notch overall in washings, shake tests, and anything our 'four year old' tester could throw at it. It has some pretty good bonus features, like ties to secure a comforter, a cloth bag for storage, and an ideal selection of colors and patterns. Overall we think its now this cover probably was on the pricier side.

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Big quality duvet covers could cost hundreds of dollars. Profiles Queen Duvet Covers, for sake of example, offer patterned, richly colored fabrics for $ 653 from most retailers. So this practically meant the duvet didn't pull away at sides, IKEA cover is smaller overall than any cover we tried. The smaller cover helped keep the duvet carefully fitted and slightly fluffy inside of it. At around $ 140 for a queen, we thought it needed more color options to justify testing it. It comes in completely 2 colors, and our readers ld us $ 100 was what p end they wanted to pay for a cover.

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